Special agent rebirth: Quick transmigration goddess – Chapter 44 : Counterattacking the gaming competition’s goddess (5)

Ye Shaohua still did not say a word.

Her classmates started to heckle in the class. “Did we not go to the headmaster together to expel you from the school? With your ruined reputation, how can you still dare to come to our class?”

“How can you, such a person, come from Ye Family?”

Xu Feifei’s second-generation rich junior opened his mouth. His gaze was full of disdain. “Nothing strange, Fang Family’s old man helped her bribe the test staff and helped her to find a substitute to play. If the upper beam is not straight, the lower beam will be crooked1. Isn’t it just proof that she thought she could imitate goddess Feifei? She will soon to participate in a professional competition, but you are just a Dong Shi who imitates Xi Shi’s frown2, that’s all.”


When everyone looked at Ye Shaohua, it was like they were looking at a housefly, with disgust, especially Yu Qichen. He didn’t even think about helping Ye Shaohua say a sentence.

Ye Shaohua originally learned how to play King Of just for him, and not because she was jealous of Xu Feifei.

“It’s all because my Shaohua meimei’s is like this. Everyone, don’t blame Shaohua meimei…” Xu Feifei stood up and apologized for Ye Shaohua, causing the people in the class to not like Ye Shaohua even more.

Obviously it was that Ye Shaohua that used a substitute to play, so why was it that Xu Feifei was apologizing instead. this Ye Shaohua, her face was really big!

The smile on Ye Shaohua’s face did not disappear yet. She hooked her bag in her hand and with the other hand, she took a rowdy male student who took the lead to the front and chuckled: “Would you take the lead to drive me away?”

“Yes…Yes, what about it?”

“Very good.” Ye Shaohua nodded.

Without extra trouble, she lowered her own school bag. Only hearing a “peng” , that male student fell on the ground all at once. The corner of his mouth was cracked.

Ye Shaohua pulled away her own chair. That pair of pretty eyes were now brimming with coldness and loathing. “First, whoever dares to bb3 or slander will have to go ‘drink tea’ at the police department tomorrow4; second, don’t provoke me.”
The male student massaging his buttocks doubted life as he looked towards Ye Shaohua…

F***! He… He thought, how did this dog who used substitute player become so scary today?


Ye Shaohua stayed in school for a long time. The majority of people looked at her gaze with eyes full of inquiry, but no one dared to come provoke her.

After she left school, she immediately went to the professional team under Su clan. She was assigned to a veteran team who switched to two new blood today5.

When she went there, she discovered that Fang clan had also dug out Qin Feng.

Qin Feng’s family was ordinary, but his technique when playing King Of was not ordinary.

The team leader boss saw Qin Feng sitting very far away, he could not help but open his mouth, “Qin Feng, you are ignoring us? Why do you sit so far?”

Ye Shaohua raised her eyebrows. It should be because he hated her, right?

Qin Feng pinched his fingers. Hearing that, he did not pretend and directly threw the phone. He looked at Ye Shaohua with ridicule. “Now professional team can also accept people who use substitute to play?”

Ye Shaohua, astonished, raised her eyebrows. Her appearance was like an ink painting, seemingly touched by light, flowing with beauty. Qin Feng only thought of a verse to describe her- The lotus is overshadowed by the beauty’s grace6.

But, it was a pity that this Ye Shaohua’s intentions were not proper and her behavior was dishonorable.

After he finished saying this, Qin Feng directly went straight out. “It really is the corporation’s first team from the bottom. With you, these four trash in the same team, you will not be able to advance in rank in the competition at all. Then, I would rather not play the professional competition!”

He joined a powerful champion team, not a trash team.

He just left like this, and the other three people in the team did not find it strange, on the contrary, they were rather used to it.

Ye Shaohua looked pensive.

This team was a bit strange.

“We, don’t we train?” she asked so.

Hearing this, one person shook his head. “Our equipment is not working, the funds are not enough, the staff is not workin. Basically, we are unable to compete. That Qin Feng spoke correctly.”

What was this situation? Ye Shaohua did not ask, she heard a hoarse cry.

“I am sorry everyone, and I am sorry to my mother too. You were all Fang Clan’s ranked seeded players. If it wasn’t because I offended Miss Shen, we would already be the KPL7 champions! And my mom, it was probably because i offended Miss Shen that she did not agree to save appearances. To remain unconscious until now, it’s all my mistake!”

The team leader boss bowed his head, his voice somewhat shaking.

“Miss Shen?” Ye Shaohua slightly narrowed her eyes and took note of this name.

Old third at her side did not think of speaking of old past events, but looking at Ye Shaohua’s extremely magnificent face, he couldn’t help but start to talk.

“Miss Shen is precisely Shen Weiwei, Su Clan’s big sis8. She is also a champion from the world championship three years ago. Her skills are almost universal. Young master Su’s mother also contacted cancer that very year and, I don’t know what secret recipe she(SWW) used, but she recovered overnight!”

“Our team leader was full of vigor9 at that time, and he offended Miss Shen. Since then, she has never participated in the league tournament. Because of her, the upper level of Su Clan no longer give us new equipment and working funds.”

Old second pointed his finger at the broadcasting station operating machine and hoarsely said. “This broadcasting station’s equipment, it has always been broken. We called a lot of repairmen. They all said they could not fix it and that we should look for Miss Shen.”

Finally, old third concluded, “Miss Shen is just like a deity. There is nothing impossible for her in this world. She even helped the police get rid of a drug lord’s long-standing nest. Foreigners all call her the Eastern Legend.”

Hearing his words, Ye Shaohua was somewhat amazed and couldn’t help ponder over the rising Shen Weiwei, this person.

Although these were things Ye Shaohua could achieve10, for merely this Shen Weiwei to do it, the story was a little strange.

[Don’t think about it, owner. She has a low-level system and a low-level shop. It’s one of our family’s eliminated pirated system. I detected it when you first met, but this system is too low-level, I was too lazy to say it. 】

Low-level system? Ye Shaohua raised her eyebrows. She looked at the emulator operating machine behind old third and said: “You, get out of the way, I will fix it.”

“It’s useless, we offended Miss Shen, and even the most serious engineers all can’t fix it.” When these three people heard Shen Weiwei’s name, they became terrified at once.

Regardless of the course of events, it was fate that brought this team together. What Ye Shaohua wanted was just to become an e-sport goddess to complete the task and win the championship. She only was herself. She did not have the least bit of desire to become this world’s legend, like Shen Weiwei had.

“By joining our team, Miss Ye, won’t you offend Miss Shen?” The team leader looked at Ye Shaohua pressing the keyboard and could not help but shake his head.

“What did you say?” Ye Shaohua’s hand was put on the keyboard. She looked at him sideways.

“That you can enter the team at this time means that your skills should not be bad. They11 were all assigned to the team Miss Shen is in charge of, but you were assigned to our team…” The team leader went silent.

That team that Shen Weiwei was responsible of was the national champion every year, the dream of all professional players.

When they saw Ye Shaohua’s ‘without a care’ arrogance, they all voluntarily stood up and chatted. Finally, they collectively decided to let Ye Shaohua go to Shen Weiwei to apologize, saying that her future was bright and she should not waste her time with them.12

“Miss Ye, don’t fix it, you can’t fix it. The engineers all said that, in this world, only Miss Shen can fix…”

It was at this time that Ye Shaohua finally pressed the enter key.

Foot notes

1.subordinates imitate their superiors’ vices

2. to mimick sb’s idiosyncrasies but make a fool of oneself

3. complain/ talk rubbish

4. to have a meeting with state security agents (to be warned to behave “responsibly”)

5. veteran teamof 5 people and two of these five veterans were switched to new blood/ younger people / newcomers

6.The lotus flowers (on the water around the imperial pleasure barge) are overshadowed by the magnificent and gorgeous adornments of that imperial concubine.
芙蓉:荷花 lotus flowers
不及:比不上 not comparable with, unable to hold a candle to
美人:嬪妃 emperial concubine (Note: 本詩名為<西宮秋怨>, 西宮乃指漢朝的長信宮。美人是漢代嬪妃等次名稱).
粧:盛裝 elaborate makeup and adornments (in full royal regalia, in full formal attire)

7. pro league

8. She is not related to Su Clan, it’s her stage nickname(she is a live streamer /live broadcasting anchor)

9. In the prime of youth. I think they mean he was young and unconscious

10.I assume she means with her personal skills and with the help of the system shop.

11. Probably other competitor from the newcomer competition

12. They decided together but have not told Ye Shaohua of their conclusion yet

Translator’s note

A lot of notes haha.

I just laughed when MC just attacked her classmate with her bag. Where is the always enduring, calm and collected MC?? savage

System’s ‘too lazy’ was niiice.

All the antagonist should just die. I particularly hate Yu Qichen. The other antagonists’s behaviour comes from greed, jealousy, ok I understand, that’s common. But him, letting someone be wrongly badmouthed while he knows the truth and could change the situation? Hateful

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      I hate bullying, why can’t people live peacefully QAQ ?

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